Macht, status en geld

Netjes gekleed in 3-delig pak ga ik het podium op om te vertellen wat het betekend om op hoog niveau te werken. Het vergt keuzes maken, gevolgen accepteren en offers brengen, want alleen dan word je ‘rich & famous’.

Droom jij als jonge supply chain consultant ook van dit snelle, zakelijke leven?

Hoe zie jij mij?

Kijk je op tegen iemands job-title, of kijk je op tegen hoe iemand als persoon is?

Daar gaan we achterkomen, want na deel 1, strak in pak, kom ik gewoon casual het podium op en vertel ik je dat ik dat leven ooit had, maar nu niet meer. Over wat het me bracht, maar ook wat het me kostte.

Hoe zie jij mij nu? Kijk je op tegen iemands job-title of tegen wie hij is als persoon?

Terug naar overzicht


Wow….. goose bumps, the occasional tear to swallow and most of all a lot of inspiration! During our vitality event for corporate clients, Paul shared his moving, powerful and inspiring story about an unexpected and very profound change in his life. From beginning to end he had the full attention of the audience. His story makes you think about your own way of life and the future. A story about resilience, balance and turning things around completely. Just wonderful!”

Helen Bours – Team financieel gezond leven – Rabobank

Since hearing Paul’s story I look at life differently and react differently to negative situations. I asked Paul to speak on behalf of our Young Potential Group and Bussiness Club Horst and it was a great success! In the following days, several participants made different choices because of Paul’s insight. Thank you!

Rob Linders – CEO Janssen Group of Companies

It is hard to describe how impressive Paul’s session was. From the moment he began to tell his story, silence fell in the room. What makes Paul different from many other speakers is how genuine he is. He is a real person with a real story. Powerful and sometimes hard to listen to because it is frankly life-changing. There is no better way for business leaders to learn that no matter how difficult the situation, there are always opportunities in adversity…. Thank you Paul!


Raed Hergli – Managing Director, Government Affairs & Policy- at General Electric

Within Capgemini we believe it is important to facilitate our Young Professionals in their professional and personal growth. We invited Paul to contribute to that, but from the moment he started speaking, he has done so much more than that. I have heard his story a total of three times and I continue to find it impressive each time, as do our Young Professionals. Words that resonate are: balance, direction, resilience and living in the now. I can wholeheartedly recommend Paul in contributing to an interesting program!


Sacha van der Velde – HR Manager Insights & Data at Capgemini

Paul Ramakers komt binnen! Wij hadden de eer om Paul te laten spreken bij onze leiderschapsmeeting. Hij creëert een wereld van herkenning in het bedrijfsleven door zijn eigen verhaal te vertellen en daar direct spanning en emotie aan toe te voegen. Een écht verhaal dat raakt en inspireerd!

Henk Venema – Managing Director DHL-1